Adam and Eve Love Magnetic Stone



To my dear Lodestone-purchasers, Lodestone-inquirers, and Lodestone-lovers, here is the long-awaited guide i have promised several you for the past few months.  
Lodestones, also called Magnetite, are natural magnets.  They are stones made from iron ore which act like real magnets: they have positive and negative sides and edges and exhibit drawing powers.  Because of these magnetic characteristics, Lodestones have been used in folk magic when a person desires to draw something into their life such as money, business, a new lover, more sex, good luck, and the like.  Lodestones are worked with singly or in a pair.

A single Lodestone is used to draw money, business, luck, or success.  I have an extra large Lodestone on my money altar in my home along with other money-drawing curios and amulets:  one of my prosperity Treasure Maps, a 3-leg frog, a pyramid candle, some affirmation cards, a large chunk of Pyrite, etc.  When I go to pay my bills, I am reminded to pray and do simple spiritual work for my family’s prosperity.



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