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A very famous and powerful all round blessing, luck, love and protection oil. With a fiery red colour this oil is the original traditional all purpose hoodoo oil and used to call the Angels to aid you in your daily life whether you need help with love, luck, money, protection, family life, health success etc. This is a full all round multi purpose oil and has been used for centuries.  Handmade to our family recipe this is the oil we keep with us at all times when we are out an about!


If some one who is close to you is arrested and is facing court cases then you may go for this powerful win court case spell.

If you are guilty or not guilty; you can use this spell to win over any court or legal matters.
With this spell your are sure to get victory in court. You will be protected against lawsuits. You will be protected from any type of problems related to law, judge, alimony from ex etc. 
There are so many things that this spell, can do, so if you have any questions email me.

With this spell you will be free from all the justice; you will have success in all court matters and will win the court cases. All the legal matters will be in your favor. With the power of this spell the not only the judge, but lawyer and also jury will be in your favor.

This powerful Court Case spell will work on all those who are arrested and need to be out and be free immediately.

If there is a case on you going on for years and you are fed as there is no solution to this, then my court case spell will help you.

This spell will also work if you want to go for out of court settlements so that there will be a fast decision on your case and no more time or money will be wasted.

So now no more sufferings for you, use the energy of the universe in the form of the spell and be free from all the court case and legal issues and make every thing in your favor.

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    This is a long one, my childhood friend who has been going through a six year divorce and her ex wanted to take her house from her called me and asked me who do I know, I said the only person I know is Esabod. She said the woman that she heard one Abike abuses, I said yes. I told her to go on her page and get her number and call her. If she shouts at you just accept it but you know what you want and tell her so so person introduce you. She did, it was during mama’s Sales. Mama told her to go online and buy law overlook me because she was going back to court on the 25th of January 2018. She was trying to order the credit card side did not work so I told her to pay the money into my account that I will use my PayPal. I did and we started the waiting for the order, because of her I ordered love oil not because I needed it but because it was a new website and I didn’t want her to tell me she didn’t get her order, as if I knew that would happen. Mama sent the order the same day forwarded the post to me on WhatsApp but hers to her address. I received mine and yours truly she didn’t get hers until the next week and she was scared because it was a week to the court day. My friend finally started the prayers and the woman she lives with started with she cannot use the turari, it is from the alagara, she can smell it from work, I said you went to rent a room from witch woman. My friend went to court and and won the court case her houses have been given back to her but the judge advices her to sell both properties and go and buy herself another one because he has a feeling the ex may take the case to the high court.

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